Who is Bianca Censori and why does she like to go without shoes? The strangest styles of Kanye West’s wife

Bianca Censori hasn’t had a good reputation since she started dating Kanye West.

She constantly shocks with her styles that leave little to the imagination, and her fans and loved ones are increasingly concerned, claiming that the rapper is controlling her.

Who is Ye’s partner, who is 18 years younger than her, and why does she dress this way?

Who is Bianca Censori?

Bianca and Kanye started dating in early 2023, shortly after the rapper’s tumultuous divorce from Kim Kardshian. Who is Ye’s new chosen one and, according to some sources, officially his wife?

She is an Australian-born 29-year-old who has been working as an architect for Kanye’s Yeezy brand since 2020.

Bainca Censori

Before she got together with the rapper, Bianca resembled his ex-wife with long, dark hair.

After the meeting, she cut it and bleached it, they decide on a pixie cut. According to reports, this was only Ye’s first interference with her image.

A disturbing relationship with Kanye West

The relationship between the rapper and the architect was controversial from the beginning, but Internet users began to seriously worry about Bianca in the summer of 2023, when photos of them together from their European holidays appeared online.

Paparazzi repeatedly “caught” Bianca in shocking styles invented by Kanye. The atmosphere was heated by an article that appeared in the Daily Mail just after the end of their trip. A person close to the rapper said that he had created a set of rules that apply to his wife.

Kanye is said to have control over what Bianca eats and how she dresses. The woman is also to exercise and “never speak.” The report included more disturbing revelations about their relationship.

According to the source, Cesori was manipulated by Ye: “She no longer has an opinion of her own and obeys him because he convinced her that they are royalty.”

The strangest styles of Kanye West’s wife

Censori’s parents, who have barely recognized their daughter recently, joined the group of concerned people. “Her family and friends are embarrassed because the situation is getting worse and worse,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“Bianca clearly doesn’t realize that what she’s wearing is not only disgusting and setting a bad example, but also potentially breaking the law,” the insider added.

Photo Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images

Bianca could be seen on Kanye’s Instagram in very risky outfits, but not only there. The woman appeared almost naked in public space many times.

One time, instead of a T-shirt, she went out wearing a pillow to cover her breasts, and the next she was seen wearing only tights pulled up to her chest.

However, the most controversial thing was her outfit consisting only of… a transparent raincoat! Yesterday, the surprise was the footwear, or rather the lack thereof.

Bianca appeared at Disneyland with her husband, her feet wrapped only in flesh-colored tapes.

Despite speculation that Kanye controls his partner and dictates what she wears, some say it’s an expression of her creativity and Bianca is as much an artist as Ye. However, we join the group of those concerned.

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